Desc : Trying out some of my small cameras, I set up a few at this girl's house. She lives close by and I've seen her walking home from the university. She always has on some short dress or skirt, and sexy black stockings. This video includes what I've been able to film. There's also another girl nearby that I put on here too. In the bathroom, the college girls strips and soaps up her hot body before she relaxes in the tub; her hard nipples are easily seen under the water. Next thing I know, she starts to rub her small breasts and moans softly; I was hoping to see her naked, but it looks like I'm going to see lots more. Standing, her long wet pussy hair drips down as her fingers separate her lips and slide in. She then sits and continues to play, she starts to thrust her hips and lift up her body. As she cums, she actually squirts with each pulsating sensation. The second girl is not as hot, but she is younger, still in school. As she chats on the phone, I catch a few minutes before she goes to the bathroom. She too takes some "me time" and plays with her pussy. !


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