Desc : This gal is not camera shy, matter of fact, giving her something to film, she focuses on her favorite pastime, her pussy. Teasingly, she begins with a quick peek and a flash of her ass. Playing with her nipples, she's aroused knowing you're watching. In a public bathroom, that doesn't stop this honey from going after her "pot." Scraping her fingers over her clit, she then turns around, spreads her legs, and slides in.With her panties off and her kitty taking in the air, she goes north to south, in her travels. As she moans and cums, she knows to really feel good, she needs something battery operated. Pulling out a rabbit, which does double duty on her clit and vagina, she is revved up. Grinding the toy against her she cums at once, gasping at the "empowered" sensation. !


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