Desc : Putting up some cameras in a local dorm, presents what girls really "study" on campus. Our first student starts in her room, "flicking the bean" and wetting her panties. When her roommate interrupts her, she heads to the bathroom to finish the job. After a soak in the tub, she moves to dry land in order to "rock the baby in the boat;" shit, she has got a large "dinghy." Getting her finger in the "deep end," she cums then "swabs down the deck." While her roommate chats on the phone to her boyfriend, she gets the urge to let her fingers do some "manual" work. Going into the "well used" bathroom, she sits on the stool to play; imagine how many scents are on that bench. Clutching her perky nipple with one hand, she pulls and tugs on her "rug." Squealing and reeling from her orgasm, she too "swabs the deck," leaving her "hull" clean. !


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