Desc : Walking by a window, I can't believe my luck. A school girl is home with her mother, and as the mom straightens up the place, the girl "cleans house." This is all about putting things where they belong. The teenager tries to close the door while she seeks "her privacy," but the mom keeps interrupting her rhythm. Determined to go down the "hallway," the cutie plays a bit of "hide and seek." Hiding from her mother, her hand is and seeking a bit of afternoon fun. The two switch rooms, but not before the youngster flushes her cheeks, as her fingers go under her school uniform. She also manages to slip her hand inside her top and play with her large tits and hard nipple. Determined to get "dirty" while her mom cleans, the girl perches right in front of the window and begins to masturbate again. She then moves to a bookcase, stands up and reveals her cute petite body. With one hand going "in" and the other on her boob, she plays with her furry pussy until she twitches in response to the "work." With her mom right there, the girl redresses and goes back to her books, now that she's cleaned all her "nooks." !


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